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Sex Story

"I have been working here for 2 years! I think its time i got a promotion. I work harder than anyone in this place today." Jeff said. He was 23 and had his job as a salesman. He would love to have a different position.
"Well, Mr. Jamison.. How can you prove, to me, that you deserve this promotion?" Mrs. Jackson said. She owned everything. She was in her mid-30's, but looked quite young for her age. She had dirty blonde hair, shoulder length. And the most perfect face, any man could imagine. perfect nose, cheeks, brown eyes, lips, just everything about her was perfect. That day she looked especially sexy. A white buttoned up shirt, tucked into her black skirt. Jeff looked to the wall and noticed the black jacket she must have been wearing above her clothes. He couldnt blame her for removing them. After all it was very hot in the store.
"Well what can i do to prove to you that i deserve the promotion Mrs. Jackson?" Jeff said. he wiped the sweat off his forehead and brushed his blonde hair back.
"Take off your pants." Mrs. Jackson said with a smirk. She adjusted her glasses and tapped her pencil against the desk placed between them.

"Take off my what?!" Jeff said, shocked at the comment coming from his boss.
"Take off your pants, shirt, and your boxers. Then kiss me and undress me." Mrs. Jackson stood up and sat on the desk, her skirt riding up her legs. Jeff just stared at her, and then started to undo his pants. He kicked his pants off of his waist and to the ground, then began to unbutton his shirt. Jeff's shirt, boxers, and pants were tossed to the side. Jeff took his seat and watched Mrs. Jackson.
"What now ma'am?" Jeff asked.
"Oh like you dont know. Dont act stupid Jeff. Come over here and please me." Mrs. Jackson commanded. Jeff smiled slightly and got out of his chair. he walked over to Mrs. Jackson and began to kiss her. His hand wandering up and down her sides, then around to her back. Mrs. Jackson began to unbutton her shirt, as she closed her eyes and kissed back passionately. Mrs. Jackson shook her shirt off and then reached around to unzip her skirt. Jeff continued to kiss her, still rubbing her back. He soon let his hands wonder up to her breasts. He massaged the nipples with the palm of his hands, rotating them around in circles slowly as the kiss became slower. Jeff broke off the kiss, and kissed down Mrs. Jacksons chin to her neck. He gave her pecks on the neck, and quick nibbles at her. Mrs. Jackson tilted her neck, giving Jeff more access to more of her neck. Mrs. Jackson moaned softly and then reached down to Jeff's cock. She grabbed onto the shaft and began stroking it slowly. Jeff bit onto a part of her neck and tugged on the skin hard.
"Mmmmmm your cock is so hard..." Mrs. Jackson said as she stroke the shaft quickly, her pinky finger tickling the head of the cock as she came up the shaft. Jeff squeezed on Mrs. Jacksons tit and then licked down her neck to her nipple. He moved his mouth all over her breast, and then sucked on random sections of them. Mrs. Jackson moaned and arched her back, pushing her breast further into Jeff's face.
Mrs. Jackson whispered into Jeff's ear silently. "Mmmm Fuck me.." Mrs. Jackson let out a light giggle and then slid her hand off of Jeffs cock and lie down on the desk. She looked at Jeff and tried to tease him, stretching her pussy lips open, and then sticking her middle finger inside of her. She slid her finger in and out slowly, teasing Jeff, wanting him to stick his long rod inside of her. Mrs. Jackson moaned loud for Jeff, and then spread her pussy folds open for Jeff once more. Jeff grabbed the head of his cock and positioned it in the perfect position to ram it into Mrs. Jacksons pussy. Jeff looked up to Mrs. Jackson. She gave him a wink and licked her lips. Jeff knew that he couldnt keep her waiting anymore, he easily slid the head of his cock into her tight pussy. Then the throbbing meat of the shaft was forced into her pussy. Mrs. Jackson was so tight, it squeezed Jeffs shaft hard. Mrs. Jackson moaned as soon as she felt Jeff fully enter her. She reached forward and rubbed Jeff's abs as he began to slid his cock out and then push it into her. Mrs. Jackson moaned with each pump, louder and louder each time. She shook crazily as she felt Jeff's cock growing and throbbing inside of her. Mrs. Jackson tossed all the office supplies off of her desk, giving her more room to "stretch". Jeff grabbed onto Mrs. Jacksons leg, and pulled it up, spreading her pussy open more, allowing more room for his cock. Mrs. Jacksons breasts began bouncing with each trust, she grabbed onto her breast and massaged them, as her other hand was up near her mouth, she was sucking on her fingers.
Mrs. Jackson pushed Jeff out of her. She turned around and bent over the desk, placing her leg up, bent on the top of the desk. Jeff looked at this new position and smiled as he saw Mrs. Jacksons pussy spread wide open, waiting for him to place his manhood inside of her. Jeff did just that, he came over to her and slid his cock in her pussy from behind. Mrs. Jackson moaned loud as Jeff's cock hit her g-spot perfectly. Mrs. Jackson moaned and grabbed onto the end of the desk across from her as she felt Jeff's hard cock hitting her g-spot and being pushed further into her tight pussy. Mrs. Jackson shivered hard, as the desk shook beneath her. She grabbed onto her breasts and pinched the nipples as she felt Jeff shoot his load deep into her pussy, forcing her climaxed, all over Jeff's cock. The mixed juices oozed from Mrs. Jackson, and slowly slid down the still throbbing shaft of Jeff's.
If you couldnt guess, Jeff obviously got the promotion he wanted..
-The End
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