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The second part of the story I posted the other day.
Please refer to my journal for more of my antics

I woke up in the morning to Master Alexander’s tongue probing at my asshole, replaced with his fingers when he saw I was awake.
“you didn’t think your punishment was over did you pet?” he asked sarcastically, his gentle touch becoming more vigorous “you really thought one day would be all you got? Dear me” he shook his head in mock annoyance “we’ll have to teach you a lesson then, but first I‘ve got a little present for you” he held something up for me to see and smiled as he saw my eyes widen
He reached down and pushed the butt plug into me, gently but firmly, laughing as the noises I made as he got it past the widest point.
“Now I know you’ll like your new present so much that you’ll wear it all day” he smiled at me, knowing exactly how vulnerable I was feeling “but now it’s time for breakfast”
Again the leash and collar were attached and I had to crawl down the stairs, this time I could feel the plug inside me with every movement, increasing my arousal.
Mistress Jennifer was in the kitchen and she smiled when she saw the plug in my ass, and how wet I was.
“So our pet is enjoying her new toy?”
“Yes Mistress” she reached over and began to move it inside of me, I whimpered, already desperate for orgasm, even after last night. Mistress circled around me, inspecting me, “Yes you do look very pretty, but there’s something missing…” she disappeared upstairs are returned with something bundled in her hands, as she unfolded it I recognised the ears and tail from my Halloween costume.
“Mew?” I said tentatively I knew she didn’t mind me exploring my furry side occasionally, but actively encouraging it? This was probably not a good sign
“Yes my pet” was all she said as she attached the tail to the plug with duct tape, and placed the ears on my head. “And now time for you to eat your breakfast”
She placed a bowl in front of me, pancakes covered in maple syrup.
“No hands now pet” she said as she carried hers and Master Alexander’s over to the table. They watched me eat; laughing and mocking at how messy I was getting, maple syrup covered my chin and breasts.
“Are you finished pet? Have you licked the bowl clean? Very good, but what a sticky little skunk you are” she reached between by legs, “yes, very sticky, how are we ever going to take you out in public or show you to our friends if you behave like this”
I froze, surely she couldn’t mean for me to go out like this? And which friends could she have in mind?
“Awww”, said Master Alexander, “look how scared she is. Don’t you want to serve us pet?”
“Yes Master”
“then you will do exactly what and who we say” he smiled smugly as the doorbell rang “go answer the door Lila, on your knees for now, you may stand when you get there” I crawled from the room hearing his comment to Mistress as I left “don’t you just love how she wiggles her ass as she crawls?”
I got to the door and stood; I could see a figure through the frosted glass but had no idea who it could be. Not daring to hesitate too long I opened the door, fearing seeing the postman or a neighbour. The frigid blast of air hardened my nipples and made me gasp, much to the delight of the figure in the doorway. Walked past me and entered the kitchen, I closed the door, dropped to my knees and followed him.
“Well hello Mathew” Master Alexander greeted him “I know we invited you to play with our dear little toy with us but it seems Miss Jennifer is having a rather submissive day as well.” I looked across to see her kneeling, naked, on the other side of the room, her long red hair thrown behind her shoulders, pert breasts visible in all their glory.
“Is that right?” a smile spread across Matt’s face, “well we’ll have to make the most of that. It seems Lila got herself rather messy in some way, Jennifer, clean her off”
Jenn at once set to work with her tongue, licking at the clingy syrup, paying attention to my neck and nipples until I moaned in pleasure. Then all too soon she stopped. I looked over at Master, pleading with my eyes, but he was unmoved.
“Out into the garden you two, we have a game to play”
I feared it would be the ice game from yesterday, but of course Master was far too imaginative to use the same game twice, plus he now had two willing subs to play with. He had a rubber ball which he gave us to the count of ten to collect from wherever he had thrown it, whichever sub didn’t get the ball was punished, if neither of us got it in the allocated time period we both got punished. Punishments were individual and random, designed specifically for what we did and did not enjoy. The first time he threw the ball Jenn fetched it; smaller and more agile than me she had the definite advantage. I was made to suck Matt off, swallowing him as deep as I could; I gagged at first until his strong hand held the back of my head forcing me to take it all, my throat spasming around his hard length. He withdrew his cock at the last moment to shoot his warm come all over my face and breasts. I licked my lips, smiling up at him.
“Thank you”
“Thank you what?” Master inquired. I hesitated, I had never had to address Matt as a submissive before, and I didn’t know what answer he wanted. I obviously kept him waiting too long.
“your impertinence really will not do, good thing I have the perfect way to remind you of your place” he reached into his pocket and drew out a pair of nipple clamps and proceeded to attack them to my already rigid nipples, giving them little tugs as he did so. I had never had clamps used on me before and the sensation made me painfully conscious of how at these men’s mercy I was. I bent to kiss their shoes.
“Thank you Master, thank you…Sir”
I earned a smile.
The game continued, for every time Jenn was punished I was punished at least four, I just couldn’t move at her speed. I could hear them laughing as I tried my hardest to get to the ball in time, trying to steal it from Jenn or push her out the way. At one point I was so frustrated I simply grabbed the ball out of her mouth, now Sir had already explained that use of hands in this game was forbidden, we must use our mouths only to retrieve the ball. As I triumphantly brought the ball back to them I could see from the look on their faces that I had just made a big mistake.
Sir was the first to speak.
“Young lady that was a very unfair thing you just did” I looked down, embarrassed.
“Bad manners will not be tolerated” chimed in Master Alexander “I think a severe punishment is in order. I know just the thing” he walked round behind me, still speaking, “ I wasn’t going to do this until you were more used to it, I know you haven’t done much in this area, but that will make the punishment all the more effective” he reached down and lifted my tail, he started to fiddle with the butt plug. Suddenly is started to vibrate, at a low intensity at first but he turned it up until I started to whimper.
“You didn’t realise it did that did you?”
“No Master” I sobbed, this was a sensation I just wasn’t used to, it felt so invasive, and yet enjoyable, but I had never felt so exposed.
“Now Jennifer, don’t think you’ve got away, she was wrong to steal the ball but you could have stopped her, you didn’t even try”
“I know you’re sorry, but you still need to be punished”
He bent her over the bench and took the crop to her, I could see the marks appearing on her backside and her moans and whimpers were getting me very excited, I was almost panting with desire, the vibrations accentuating my already inflamed state.
“Don’t think we’re done with you yet missy” sir said, awakening me from my reverie. I was placed next to Jenn on the bench and sir started to beat me with his belt, the warmth from the blows spreading across my ass and thighs, the occasional swipe driving the plug further into me. Soon I was moaning uninhibitedly and begging for release. I could feel the wetness running down my thighs and knew I must look appallingly wanton.
This was confirmed when a moment later I heard the click of a camera. When my beating ended Master Alexander continued to take photo’s, making me pose every way he wanted, exposing myself to the camera and acting as he described it as his “own personal little furry slut”, my face was still covered in come and it was even more so after he made me pleasure Jenn, and Sir and himself. He took pictures of me like that with the creamy droplets clinging to my eyelashes and running down my face with my tears as I begged to be allowed release.
When he decided that he had enough photo’s we went back inside, he made me sit on the floor, the bruises on my ass aching sweetly, as he uploaded the photo’s onto the computer and showed them to me, mercifully he turned the vibrations down, but not completely off, so I still had waves of pleasure washing through me, contributing to my every mounting arousal. When he had finished picking the “best” photographs (those which showed me at my most depraved, humiliated and submissive, acting entirely to his will) he told me that he was now posting them on the internet, on my journal, his, and any other places he could find. The public nature of this act sent shivers through me. So many people would see this, people who would know me online and in real life, maybe even some of the vanilla people I had to interact with every day. He knew that no matter how much I protested about these acts of public exposure I loved the way they made me feel, I loved thinking about how strangers were looking at my body, participating in my submission to my Master and his will.
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