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I suppose as one of the moderators, I should post the first work. So here it is, the first erotica story I ever wrote. Hope you like it and if you post a work of your own, feel free to critique.

Halie stood infront of the mirror. Slowly, as if practicing, she stripped off her clothes one piece at a time, running her hands over her body as she did so as if performing a strip tease. Truth be told, she didn’t need anymore practice, she had become quite good over the last three months of her training. But it had become a nightly ritual and helped to calm her.

Spectacular, she decided as she assessed her naked body. The mirror reflected long auburn hair, slanting green eyes and a full pouty mouth. She allowed her gaze to drop lower. Halie was quite proud of her breasts. They were large C-Cups but without a hint of sag. They were high and firm. Her nipples were a bit on the small size. A perfect pink shade with slightly darker areolas. What her nipples lacked in size, however, they made up for in responsiveness.

Her eyes slid past a smooth, flat stomach and nicely rounded hips to rest on a v of dark fuzz. The neatly groomed patch proved her deep chestnut hair was natural, the long, lean, show-girl style legs beneath it proved it didn’t matter.

She dressed herself in black, thigh-highs with matching lace garters, a small g-string, and satin bra. She then donned a dress made completely out of black leather straps. It fit her perfectly, show casing her spectacular body instead of hiding it. The straps crossed her stomach, chest, and upper legs hiding the essentials and providing a contrast that left her pale skin almost translucent. Taking a final look in the mirror, Halie slipped on a black trench coat and her favorite boots and left her apartment,

Halie opened her eyes and tried to clear the fog from her brain. She tried to sit up and noticed 2 things, she was on a large 4 poster bed with midnight blue silk sheets, and she was hand cuffed to the headboard. A quick check assured her that she was still dressed down to her boots and aside from being hand cuffed, she was unhurt. The last thing Halie remembered was meeting her new patron, Michael for the first time and having drinks in his study. Then… nothing.

The door of the room opened and Michael walked in. He was dressed like the quintessential 50’s greaser, blue jeans, white shirt, black leather jacket. His naturally black hair was also slicked back, she noticed as he turned a pair of piercing blue eyes on her. The image was ruined only by the riding crop he carried by his side.

“You know why you’re here,” he said, his voice deep and controlling as he stalked towards the bed. “You’ve been preparing for this for the last 6 months, although you’ll find my… initiation a bit different from what you’ve been led to expect, just lay back and try to remember your training.” “But I’m a dominant,” Halie stammered, “my training…” “I know” he replied, cutting her off as he reached the side of the bed. “I specifically requested one, I prefer my charges have spirit and like to break them in myself.”

Michael leaned down and kissed her hard. His tongue thrusting into her mouth. Not surprisingly, Halie responded, just as aggressively. (Her training would allow for nothing else.) Michael stood up breaking the kiss. He grinned down at her as he stripped off his jacket and shirt. “Now,” he said as he climbed onto the bed and straddled her between his knees, “how do we get this very interesting dress off? Oh, I see,” he answered his own question as he looked closer, “each strap attaches differently until you can just slip it off.” After only a few moments the dress was unfastened to her waist. “Wait!” Halie said, “You’re not, I’m…” “Shhh,” he told her, “no talking, or better yet…” Michael leaned over and pulled a ball gag out of the drawer in the nightstand by the bed. Halie’s protests came out as mumbled sounds as Michael fastened the gag. “Much better.”

Michael began to play with her nipples and watched, fixated, as they immediately tightened and stood up. He leaned down and began to suck gently. Halie moaned and arched, pushing her breasts towards him. He reached up and took her other nipple between his fingers and squeezed. Hailey was making excited gasps and moans around the gag when Michael stood abruptly and stripped off the rest of his clothes and hers. He then remained on top of her. He grabbed her hips and rolled over, placing her in the dominant position. “Your turn, lets see what you’ve learned. No need for discipline now,” he said as he saw Halie eyeing the riding crop by the bed, “there will be plenty of time for that later.” Halie smiled, “Shhhh,” she said, “no talking. You’re absolutely right, plenty of time later.” Halie slid down his body inch by inch feeling his member growing hard against her skin as it glided over the sensitive tip. She stopped when she reached his navel. Grinning, Halie lowered her head and began to lick. She circled the sensitive area several times and began to work her way up. As she ran her lips and tongue over each of his ab muscles she reached down and took his penis into her hand. She ran her fingers lightly from base to tip. Scooting her body up further, she took one of his nipples into her mouth at the same time she flicked one of her fingers over the head of his shaft, causing him to jump slightly. Halie looked up and with a satisfied purr, bit the skin just over his heart and ran her fingers over his tip again. Michael tensed and shivered against her.

Grabbing her hips, he rolled over until Halie was once again beneath him. He sat up between her legs, trapping them apart. Michael slowly separated the curls at the junction of her legs. Using one finger, he opened the pink lips, exposing her vagina and circled the sensitive hole.

Halie’s arousal was evident in the heat and moisture he discovered. Chuckling softly to himself, he moved his exploration up. He used the pad of his thumb to brush her sensitive clitoris. Halie gasped as her hips twitched at the flash of pleasure. Michael continued to play with her, bringing forth loud moans and panting until she was at the brink of orgasm.

At that moment, Michael entered her and kissed her deeply at the same time. His shaft began to slide rhythmically in and out of her. The feel of Michael’s large erection moving in and out sent Halie over the edge. Her hips bucked violently, burying him more deeply inside of her as her muscles contracted around him. She moaned and writhed as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through her. Each contraction of Halie’s orgasm stroked and pulled at Michael’s shaft until he felt himself pour into her moist heat.

They both collapsed as the final spasms of ecstasy coursed through them and left them shuddering. For a few minutes their heavy panting was the only sound in the room. Suddenly, Michael got up and before Halie could react, hand cuffed her once again to he bed. “What are you doing?” Halie demanded. “You’ll soon learn not to speak so boldly,” Michael said as he stuffed the ball gag back into her mouth and left the room, the evidence of their mutual pleasure glistening between her legs.
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