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This little community is for erotica writers of all calibers. For everyone from first timers to the very experienced. All types of erotic writing are welcome to apply, from self loven' and straight vanilla to orgies, BDSM, and even snuff. We encourage writers to be as creative as possible.

Your acceptance will be based on the quality of your writing as well as the content. Your writing will be critiqued by members and once accepted you will be expected to do the same.

Anyone can write erotica, even virgins. The point of the community is to get feedback on your writing from people with similar interests. Members: Feel free to ask questions about anything.



1.All entries my be in ANY format. Ex: short story, poem, screen play, song etc.

2.Since we are asking people to share their personal sexual fantasies, attacking another person's sexual preferences in ANY WAY will not be tolerated, member or not. NO EXCEPTIONS.


4.Works of fiction only, no personal stories.

5.Members must post at least 1 original work every 3 months. Resubmissions with revisions can count.

6.No “joke” entries. but humourous entries are accepted.

7.Works will be judged mainly on quality. Most subject material is welcome. You will receive a warning if a part of you work is deemed inappropriate. (This is not meant to censor anyone it is only here as a precaution.)

8.Stereotypes are ok, (i.e. Asians have small boxes/ Black girls are better at anal etc,) Racism is not. Moderators will determine the difference.

9.Entries must be posed behind an LJ cut.

10.Moderators reserve the right to ban any user they believe are in violation of any rules.

Questions, comments, sexual confessions?
Contact your deviant moderator: